Outdoors or Indoors

Finding the bronze statue or fountain of your dreams can be a bit frustrating, with the thousands upon thousand of different sculpture castings. Each individual has their own specific taste.. not to mention a specific vision of what they for see as ‘art’.

Bronze statues are extremely delicate. Just like a vehicle, if you leave the bronze sculpture outdoors in natures elements, overtime, the bronze will begin to oxidize and the patina will lose it’s contrasting color and gloss. Bronzes are often used indoors as well. Some homes are built with alcoves going up the stairwell, or perhaps a space in the parlor to place a stunning conversation piece and focal point. It’s never a bad idea to wax your bronze sculpture on a regular basis as if it were a Mercedes-Benz or Porsche outside in the driveway or garage. Using a special paste wax created for bronzes and a non-abrasive cloth, begin to apply wax to the sculpture in a circular, massaging pattern to loosen any caked on debris or dust. Then, using a separate non-abrasive towel, buff the dried wax from the sculpture and repeat if necessary on heavier area of oxidation.

Oxidation in bronze sculpture is not uncommon. In fact, be thankful it is oxidizing because that means that it has a higher copper to tin ratio. Notice how your plumbing pipes oxidize and turn green (or verdigris) when they are exposed to the elements? It is the exact same concept with a bronze statue releasing oxidation. For individuals interested in a ‘maintenance-free’ sculpture, obtain a concrete sculpture and call it a day. Where there is luxury, comes maintenance.

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